About Portsmouth Socialist Network

The world is scarred by economic crisis, inequality and war. This is no accident; these horrors are an inevitable result of the system under which we live. As the rich grow richer so the poor get poorer by the day. There are multi-million pound bonuses for the few, while working class people are forced in ever-larger numbers to visit food banks in order to feed their families. The brutalities of racism, sexism and homophobia are hardwired into capitalism. But it does not have to be this way. We believe that another world is possible, a world where the needs of the many are prioritised over the profits of the few.

Portsmouth Socialist Network is a revolutionary group, committed to the ideas of socialism from below – where the mass of working class people coming together to build an alternative, equal, sustainable society.

On a national level the formation of a new revolutionary organisation must be the central, strategic long-term goal. What that organisation should look like is another matter entirely. With this in mind we continue to watch with interest the developments around the International Socialist Network and Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century.

As socialists in Portsmouth we cannot wait until such point as a new national organisation appears; the issues that face us today are too urgent, too pressing to absent ourselves from the class struggle. The Tories continue to engage in open class warfare, demonising the poor and scapegoating immigrants; the dangers of the far-right are still there for all to see; capitalism continues to degrade the planet to the point where the very future of humanity is at stake.

This blog will carry reports of protests and demonstrations, our thoughts on the political situation locally, nationally and internationally, and our experiences as activists at work and in a variety of campaigns. But our aim is not only to make sense of the world but to help shape it. We want to stand alongside all those who fight back against the government, the bosses, austerity and oppression.

If you would like to get involved with Portsmouth Socialist Network, or would like more information contact: portsmouthsn@gmail.com


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