Anticapitalism: Fighting back in Pompey

PSN’s next meeting will on ‘Anticapitalism: Fighting back in Pompey’.

Since the crisis, the ruling class have been on the onslaught against us. Wages, working conditions, jobs and benefits have all declined, while the cost of living, redundancies, evictions and mental health issues have all risen, to name a few.

There have been sparks of resistance in the UK, such as the Sparks revolt in 2011, the student protests in 2010, the November 30th strike and the ongoing 3cosas campaign and Ritzy Living wage disputes. However on the whole, the fight back has never generalised.

How can we fight back in Portsmouth? Do different times need different tactics and ways of organising?

This meeting will discuss these issues, and also hopefully start to organise some actions in the City.

28th May 8pm, Oasis the Venue, 1a Upper Arundel Street, PO1 1NP

Facebook event here:



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