Who the hell are Liberty GB?

Another day, another struggle to open the front door as a wedge of election leaflets have come through the letter box. With the European Election on the way, it would seen every racist and his English Bulldog is running.

Today’s choice pick is Liberty GB whose Chairman Paul Weston is running for the South East MEP seat.

If Paul Weston sounds familiar to you, he was the chairman of the short-lived British Freedom Party. The BFP itself was an split from the British National Party. Upset at the “self-serving nature” of Nick Griffin’s leadership, the group split several times before Weston was Fuhrer of the 62 member Nazi ‘party’.

A short-lived marriage...

A short-lived marriage…

Their 15 minutes of fame came when the English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll joined and the groups formed an election pact. Weston’s time with the BFP was to end shortly after, as he was replaced as chairman by Carroll in January 2013. Under Carroll’s leadership the group seems to have died a miserable death. It’s website domain is up for sale and little has been heard of them.

Immediately after being ousted, Weston set up Liberty GB as the straight talking alternative to the supposedly straight talking UKIP. To be fair, Weston does have some expertise when it comes to the nature of UKIP; he stood for them in 2010 as a parliamentary candidate in London.

Liberty GB’s ’10-point plan’  is a real mash of right-wing libertarian politics, that you might find Tory backbenchers say publicly (and frontbenchers say at the bar), and obviously racist and fascist filth. For example, they want to pass a law guaranteeing free speech and abolish the human rights act, policies which wouldn’t sound strange coming from Theresa May. They also want to ban ALL immigration to Britain for 5 years.

Jack and Nick. Jack aint racist though

Jack and Nick. Jack aint racist though

Weston himself regularly posts videos and articles on-line decrying the ‘genocide’ of White Europeans and their culture. A lot of this comes from the BFP’s Outreach Officer, Jack Buckby. He set up a society at his Uni in Liverpool called the National Culturists. Their basic idea was that if you talk about culture rather than race, you can be racist but no one can possibly accuse you of it. His outreach work at Uni didn’t go to well, after students tipped over his stall at fresher’s fayre. Little was heard from them shortly after.

Like most racists however, Weston is a massive hypocrite. Like UKIP, he made a real fuss about the supposed ‘invasion’ of Romanian and Bulgarians earlier this year. Like UKIP he hates the fact the EU gives us freedom of movement. Like Farage, he has a European wife from Romania. Presumably he met here when he was living there, making money on the property market…

Liberty GB are essentially a vote for people that prefer UKIP’s early work, before they went all mainstream, and you saw Farage perform in pubs rather than Guildhall.

Humour aside, whilst Weston is unlikely to win the seat, we have to take his racism seriously and oppose it. While he or his party may not be particularly well-known or popular, the filth they put forward has increasingly crept into mainstream discourse. It is only off the back of UKIP’s current high and the legacy of groups like the EDL that Liberty GB can stand in elections with the hope of gaining votes. By opposing populist racist groups like UKIP, and  physically confronting fascist street organisations like the EDL and, increasingly in the coming months, Britain First, smaller groups like Liberty GB will beat themselves for us.



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