Pompey Lecturers strike for fair pay in HE

While Vice-Chancellors sit on six-figure salaries and Universities buy up more and more non-teaching buildings, Lecturers up and down the country struck for two hours against an 1% pay increase.

The deal, which would be a pay cut in real terms, comes after four years of salary decline for lecturers. On the other hand, Vice-Chancellors enjoyed an 8% pay increase in 2013, with £215,000 now the average annual income.

In Portsmouth, staff picketed outside Richmond and Park Buildings.

Lecturers picket Richmond Building

Lecturers picket Richmond Building

This was despite the University still threatening to dock half a day’s pay for anyone taking part in the action (an illegal act).

Many UCU members nationally have criticised taking shorter strike periods as ineffective. Yet in Portsmouth and nationally the universities pay threats have angered members further.

Lecturers will be striking again, Tuesday 28th January 2pm-4pm.

The next full day action will be on the 6th Feb, called jointly with UNISON, EIS and Unite.


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